Real Estate Market Trends Reports

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Real Estate Market Trends Reports

I got my real estate salesperson’s license in 1991. Then was thrown to the wolves!

Seriously, do you remember when you got your license and started selling real estate? It was like, “where do I begin?”

After you ran out of family and friends, it was time to do the hard work. Find some clients! Of course, as a newbie, what did I have to offer them?

Enthusiasm and energy! I certainly didn’t have much knowledge.

So I found myself pounding the pavement, working a farm. I always loved that expression. With my enthusiasm and energy, I was going to grow clients!

Of course, I still didn’t know anything. My manager gave me a newsletter to hand out.

Newsletters back then, pre-internet, had a N.A.R. news release, a C.A.R. news release, an informative article or two directed at buyers and sellers, and the back page had a recipe! My favorite was banana bread.

There I was, handing out generic drivel and wondering why I didn’t have any clients.

After figuring out what I was doing wasn’t working, I had an epiphany! Why don’t I ask the people I’m talking to what real estate information they wanted?

Bingo! They wanted to know how much their house was worth!

If the house down the street sold for X dollars, did that mean their house, which was far superior, was worth X + Y? Their cousin, two blocks over, got a job transfer. What was her house worth?

Thus was born, out of necessity, the local market trends report, which served me well while selling real estate in West Los Angeles.

Since then, and with the help of the internet, the local market trends report has evolved into an on-line, dynamic report which includes what’s for sale and recent sales, real-time updates, and, of course, the venerable 4-page printable version of the report.

Individualized Market Trends Real Estate Reports are available on a monthly or an annual subscription. The Report will be published to a separate Internet address that you can link to from your web site.

The cost for a subscription is $45 per month. You can save $90 by subscribing annually for $450. This price includes:

  1. the dynamic on-line report,
  2. monthly updates to the report, and
  3. a monthly, 4-page printable edition of the report.

To subscribe to your local real estate market trends report, click here.

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