Real Estate Market Trends Reports

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Real Estate Market Trends Reports

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level! Automate it!

The Market Trends Report provides you, the REALTOR®, with local real estate statistics you can send to clients/prospects each month. We have automated the process so all you have to do is upload your contacts into the back office.

Each month a Market Trends Report email gets sent out. It looks like this: Click here.

A second email is also available to go out to your listing clients/prospects. It's the Recent Sales & Listings report showing was has sold and what is listed around a particular address: It looks like this: Click here.

Keeping in touch with your clients/prospects regularly with pertinent information is necessary to be successful in real estate.

Personalized Market Trends Real Estate Reports are available on a monthly or an annual subscription. The Report will be published to a separate Internet address that you can link to from your web site.

The cost for a subscription is $45 per month. You can save $90 by subscribing annually for $450. This price includes:

  1. the dynamic on-line report,
  2. monthly updates to the report, and
  3. a monthly, 4-page printable edition of the report.

To subscribe to your local real estate market trends report, click here.

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