District Five Monthly Real Estate Market Trends


Buena Vista Park
Clarendon Heights
Corona Heights
Duboce Triangle
Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights
Glen Park
Haight Ashbury
Mission Dolores
Noe Valley
Parnassus/Ashbury Heights
Twin Peaks

The following charts shows median and average price trends plus sales for single-family homes and condos. The chart uses a 3-month moving average to smooth out month-to-month fluctuations yet retain seasonal variations.

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Median Price
Median Price is the price at which 50% of properties sold were above that price and 50% were below.
Average Price
Average Price is the sum of all prices divided by the number of sales.
Average Days on Market is calculated from when a property was first put on the market until it was put under contract, or taken off the market.
The average selling price divided by the average list price.
The average selling price divided by the average original list price. This is the price the property was first listed at, with that agent.